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About us

Our process

1. You call us

It starts off with an email or phone call.  You tell us what the problem is – and we can give you an idea of it’s ‘fixability’ rarely do we ever turn anyone away!

2. Arrival and diagnosis

A quick diagnosis on arrival and if it’s not something that is a common problem (broken wifi or screen on an iphone) then we’ll give you an idea of the time it’s going to take to give a proper and full diagnosis.

3. Repair

We open up that product (you’re best not looking) and we use state of the art equipment to make that fix, replacing a broken part before ‘booting up’ and testing the repair.

4. Return to the specified address

It’s unusual that we can’t give you an date and time that the item will be ready for collection when we first examine the item, but we’ll let you know if we need to that it’s ready and waiting for you to come pick it up!