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We specialise in MacBook, Laptop, iPhone and iPad repair

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We specialise in MacBook, Laptop, iPhone and iPad repair

Whether you’ve been elsewhere for a repair and they have said it’s unrepairable especially if you’ve been told by an Apple “genius” , Apple don’t do repair unless it’s a screen or a battery, Apple stores are full of sales people trying to convince you to upgrade.

We repair the alleged irreparable MacBooks, Laptops, iPhones and iPads. We carry out repairs for some local repair shops as well as independent repair shops national and international, you know we have to be good at what we do when we are the repair service other repair shops turn to for advice and help with devices they can’t fix.

MacBooks. We are specialists in repairs on liquid damage MacBooks but we can also upgrade your hard drives, ram, screens and data recovery.

iPhones. That extension to your arm you just can’t be without, it may be touch disease on your iPhone 6 Plus, half backlight or no backlight on any iPhone, it can be fixed

maybe your iPhone has stopped charging even though you’ve had the battery and charge port replaced, it worked for a while when the battery was changed but as soon as it was allowed to discharge completely it was dead then we can fix this,

the iPhone 7 and 7 plus has a flaw Apple knows about but will not acknowledge and this is with the audio codec, trying to make a call and all you can hear is static, no one can hear you, the loudspeaker icon is greyed out and voice memos won’t record even though your music and YouTube still plays fine…We can fix this in most cases

You’ve had your screen changed on your iPhone 8 and now when you try to charge it it just loops or it comes on but the battery percentage doesn’t go up, it can be fixed

There are so many issues with all iPhones and most can be repaired.

IPHONE LIQUID DAMAGE DATA RECOVERY is our specialty, regardless what others may say with a 95% success rate we can say in most cases your data is recoverable.

IPads. Do you really want me to list it all, suffice to say Apple will not touch these, you will be told it’s a sealed unit and cannot be repaired, this is absolute rubbish, call us to see how we can help.

Laptops. We can fix most issues, screens, keyboards, batteries, ram upgrades, hard drive replacement and upgrades, charging issues right down to fixing the logic board which other shops will say can’t be fixed or they have to send them away, with us your device stays with us and is repaired by us.

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