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Water Damage

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Dropped in a puddle, bath or maybe… err…. yeah… the toilet…. read on.

There are lot’s of things you hear about repairs after water damage, the best and most renowned is the one that involves uncooked rice and and airing cupboard…

So after 3 weeks sitting with your beach towels the phone is physically warm from all that hot air and you feel it’s time to switch it on once more.   Alas it’s just as dead as it was after you heard the ‘Splosh’.   OK, we get it!  Let us take a look and have a go at giving it a repair.  Let’s see what we can do for you!

On opening it up – We’ll see exactly where the problem lies within a few minutes…

Sometimes it’ll be more than one item on the board that needs repaired.  If its something that looks minor and straight forward – then there is a strong chance, so long as we have the appropriate part in stock we’ll make the repair and it works!  – Else we pick up the phone, or drop you an email and give you a breakdown of all the parts required so we can make that fix!

We believe that fixing a liquid damaged phone for the sake of the phone is stupid, we focus more on fixing the phone enough to recover your precious data and if the phone happens to be fully functional afterwards then it’s considered a BONUS!!

This year, we have repaired

Dropped in the Toilet Repairs
'Playing Games In The Bath Repair'
'Getting Out Of The Car, It Dropped In A Puddle' Repair

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