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Wifi problems

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In the North East of Scotland there is a big difference between the word WIFI and Wifey.  (that’s an old bad joke for all Local Aberdonians)


The wifi might be free, but if the phone, table or ipad isn’t working properly it’s as useful as a chocolate fireguard, and no amount of Free Broadband is going to make any difference.

A small but vital component to your devise is that wifi unit.  Let’s face it, it is to your Smartphone what the Flux Capacitor is to Doc’s Delorian.  We got this though… it’s all very fixable.


We accept your gadget

Email or Call then arrange a drop off.


Diagnose and repair

With a Professional hand we’ll then open the item and take a look, and repair.


You pick up your gadget

If it’s taken longer than anticipated for whatever reason, we’ll be in touch and get you ready for making that collection!

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